Marvel Colorful IPS Screen Nixie Tube Clock With Premium Gift Packaging | Desk Clock Best Home Decor or Best Gift Idea for Your Loved Ones

Our DIY nixie tube clock is a great gift and creative for yourself to your loved ones. Desktop clock warm, DIY hand-assembled. Be sure to attract the attention of any of your guests and you will delight the host for a long time!

Material:Aluminium Alloy, Acrylic, Quartz Tubes
Display Type:1.14 inch IPS Display
Power Port:Type-C
WiFi Standard:IEEE 802.11 b/g/h
Frequency Range:2.412GHz-2.484GHz
Operation Temp:0℃-50℃
Timing Accuracy:<±5ppm

Six sets of clock faces (five of them are customizable)
Two sets (2x6 images) albums
Photo Album mode supports audio playback
Six alarms with snooze and repeat function
5ppm high accuracy RTC chip and supports WIFI SNTP
Dynamic screensaver
External audio codec, support 24bit audio out-put
Supports firmware upgrade

Q: Is this a clock? How do you look at the time?
A: This is a clock kit that needs to be assembled by yourself. For example, 183324 is 18:33:24.

Q: Is this clock charged or plugged in?
A: This clock is plugged in, and comes with USB power and data cables.

Q: Will it remember the time after power off?
A: There is a button battery on the motherboard, it will continue to run when power is off, and there is no need to reset the time when plugging in after power off.

Q: How does this clock adjust the time?
A: The button at the bottom of the clock can set the color/mode/time. You can also be lazy to synchronize time or set colors with computer software.

Q: Can the power bank be used for the power supply? How long can it be used?
A: Yes, it can be powered by any USB port. It consumes about 260 ma of electricity, so it can only be used for 20-30 hours if you use a 10,000 ma battery charger.

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