3D Laser Crystal Gift in Portrait

Capture your most meaningful moments in crystal with custom pieces that will last forever. Whether it's Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Anniversary or Birthday, this will be a perfect gift.

Small Size:1.97" x 1.97" x 3.15" (Best for 1-2 figure)
Medium Size:2.36" x 3.54" x 2.36" (Best for 1-3 figure)
Large Size:3.15" x 4.72" x 2.36" (Best for 1-4 figure)
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A figure indicates either a person or a pet, we need to draw for each figure to represent your work therefore the cost varies depending on the number of total figures.
Please note: We will carve as many persons or pets in the crystal as you choose
One or two figures in the photo is the best for keychian crystal. View examples: Diamond  Heart  Rectangle
Please enter up to 35 characters.
If your picture is not suitable for portrait/landscape, our artist can change the crystal design to landspace/portrait instead.
By choosing the proofing service, we'll send design photo to customer via email before production. We'll only start production upon customer's approval. Therefore, the production time may be delayed a little bit.

You have the option to choose how soon to have your custom product made. We will make sure to finish your product in the timeline you choose.
However, please also note this does not include the shipping time which you will need to choose on the checkout page.

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