Personalized Wooden Name Piggy-Bank for Kids Boys Girls - Large Piggy Banks 26 English Alphabet Letter-S - Transparent Money Saving Box

The alphabet piggy bank is a unique and educational savings tool that helps children learn the alphabet while also saving their money. Made of durable wooden, this piggy bank is designed to withstand regular use and is compact enough to fit on a shelf or in a child's room. In addition to its fun and educational design, the Alphabet Piggy Bank is also functional. It has a coin slot for easy depositing. The transparent appearance make it easy for children to see how much money they have saved for each letter of the alphabet and to track their progress over time. The alphabet piggy bank is a fun and educational tool that helps children learn the alphabet and save their money at the same time. With its fun design, and functional features, this piggy bank is sure to be a hit with children and parents alike.

Sizes in inch:10.6" x 5.7" x 1.8 "
Length not exceeding 10.6"
Sizes in cm:27cm x 14.1cm x 4.5cm,
Material:Wooden, Plastic

Please note: Custom name length should be less than 7 letters
Please enter the name to be personalized.

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