Custom Photo Bath Towels for Kids

Personalized photo custom bath towels are towels that have been customized with a specific photograph. This is a great option for those looking to add a personal touch to their towels, or to create a special gift for someone. It's a very good gift for Christmas, or housewarming for your family or friends. In order to make the image looks sharp when it is printed on the towel. Please choose a high-quality photo that is clear.

Material: Superfine fiber(A new generation of synthetic fiber, it is a high-quality textile raw material. Comfortable and durable, better than cotton, its adsorption capacity, water absorption speed and water absorption amount are 7 times that of ordinary fibers.)

Washing method: Wash with washing powder in a washing machine or hand wash with warm water and detergent

Size:50*100cm (19.5" x 39") 70*140cm (27.5" x 55") 80*160cm (31.5" x 63")
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You have the option to choose how soon to have your custom product made. We will make sure to finish your product in the timeline you choose.
However, please also note this does not include the shipping time which you will need to choose on the checkout page.

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