Custom Anniversary Socks For Gifts

Our custom photo socks are the most unique and perfect gift for anyone for any occasion! You can use your own face, pet photo, family photo, baby photo, etc. Perfect for any holiday, birthday, anniversary, stocking stuffers, babysitters, neighbors, wife, friends, bride and girlfriend etc.

-Ensure we can clearly see their face and nothing is cut off.
-Don't upload low resolution, blurry or pixelated photos.
-The better quality photo, the better your socks will be!

Available sizes:S (10*30cm)
M (10*37cm)
L (10*41.5cm)
Foot lengths:S (14 cm | 5.5")
M (18 cm | 7.08")
L (20 cm | 7.87")
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You have the option to choose how soon to have your custom product made. We will make sure to finish your product in the timeline you choose. Also note this does not include the shipping time which will take some extra days.
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